Sultan Alanazi

“The Deposition of Nanoparticles on Heat Transfer Surfaces”


Sultan Alanazi

Committee Members: Prof. Lash Mapa, Prof. Mohammad Zahraee , Prof. Craig Engle


Nanofluids have been seriously studied to work as a heat transfer medium during the past few decades. Nanoparticles are a microscopic particle with at least one dimension less than 100 nm.  Nanofluid is a mixture of nano-sized particles of less than 100 nm suspended in liquid medium. Currently, the research focused on substituting heat transfer nanofluid in industrial applications. Some researchers state that addition of nano-particles to base fluid will increase the thermal conductivity by as much as 160%. This project focuses on the deposition of nano-particles of different concentrations on the heat transfer surfaces. In this project, a series of experiments will be performed to obtain the heat transfer advantage of using nanofluids instead of water. The variables in this research are the different types of nanoparticles at different concentrations in the base fluid which is water. The research attempts to develop a model to observe the change of the Critical Heat Flux (CHF) in different nanofluids concentrations and various temperatures.

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