Mark Kapocius

“Command Center for Disaster Management Communication System Data Warehouse – Focus Area: Resource Allocation”
By  Mark Kapocius

Committee Members: Prof. Barbara Nicolai (Chair), Prof Charles Winer, Prof. Keyuan Jiang
An investigation in heat transfer characteristics with nanofluids has revealed that when nanparticles are introduced to a conventional fluid in certain concentrations they enhance the ability to transfer heat. These investigations are being conducted by researchers worldwide for industrial, commercial, and residential applications because the benefits may
lower energy costs and less environmental impact. Water is a very common fluid used in heat transfer applications; therefore the data collected from the experiments may prove that nanofluids are a viable option in heat transfer applications. This research will be conducted using a heated aqueous mixture of aluminum and copper oxide nanoparticles and passed through helical coiled copper tubing (heat exchanger) while being cooled by a fan. Measured from this research will be temperature and flow to determine Reynolds Number, heat transfer rate, and an investigation of the deposition of the nanoparticles on heat transfer surfaces. Significance among factors will be determined by conducting a Factorial Design (Design of Experiment).
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