Plan of Study

All required coursework for this major will be offered via distance education technology over an eighteen month to two-year period.  Students who drop out of sequence will be able to take the course with the next cohort group, but will lengthen the time to complete the degree.

Curriculum plan: (3 cr.hrs. each)

Currently required courses for the MS Degree in Technology (12 hours)

    1. IT50700 Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology
    2. IT50800 Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology
    3. TECH64600 Analysis of Research in Industry and Technology
    4. TECH59800 Directed MS Project or an additional 3 credit hour course with the approval of academic advisor.

Additional Courses required for the Requested Concentration (21 hours)

  1. IT57100 Project Management in Industry and Technology
  2. IT53500 Global Supply Chain Management
  3. OLS 58900  Leadership and Ethics
  4. IET 51000  Product & Process Development Optimization
  5. MET52700  Technology from a Global Perspective
  6. OLS 58000  Interpersonal Skills for Leaders(On-line).
  7. OLS 58800 Strategic Planning and Marketing in Technology(On-line).

Total:  30-33 credit hours for MS degree in Technology with concentration in Technology Leadership & Management