Master of Science in Technology – Online

The Online MS Degree in Technology – Leadership and Management concentration is expected to prepare students to manage and lead in technology professions.  It will allow students who currently have a technology area undergraduate degree to acquire skills to prepare them for managerial or leadership roles in their area.

Emphasis is placed on preparing students for technical leadership positions in business and industry, faculty positions in technology and engineering technology at community college and university levels, or to continue for a Ph.D. in technology or a closely related field.

Outcomes for MS Degree in Technology Online Program — Technology Leadership and Management Concentration:

A.           Disciplinary Knowledge. The student will demonstrate knowledge of technology leadership and management, and apply those principles and techniques to identify and solve problems.

B.           Research. The student will demonstrate a working knowledge and comprehension of how to find current research in their particular area and discover research-based solutions to technology issues, and an understanding of research ethics.

C.           Interpersonal and team skills. The student must demonstrate knowledge of and effective use of professional and interpersonal skills in a leadership role, with the ability to lead teams.

D.           Mathematical Competence and Problem-Solving. Students must be able to use mathematics (statistics) to analyze and solve problems.

E.            Critical Thinking and Analysis.  The student must be able to examine issues in a logical fashion, with an understanding of the limits of the information available (critical analysis). Should be able to analyze and synthesize information relevant to identify problems and make sound decisions.

F.            Diversity. The student must demonstrate an understanding and respect for diversity and ethics.

G.           Communication Skills. The student will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills.

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