Master of Science in Modeling, Simulation and Visualization

Prepare for a Cutting Edge Degree

Advanced modeling, simulation and visualization technologies provide an innovative way for humans to learn and understand extremely sophisticated concepts and problem solving skills as well as effectively design and optimize complex systems and processes. Through visualizing, manipulating, and interacting with computer-generated simulations and models, an individual can interact efficiently with 2D and 3D computerized environments in real time using his/her natural senses and skills.

To meet the growing demand for the application of modeling, simulation and visualization in complex processes and systems, it is essential to educate and develop professionals who can incorporate advanced technologies to further the area and who can collaborate with professionals from other areas to solve industrial and societal problems. The Master of Science in Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization is designed to meet this growing demand.

Students completing the graduate degree program will possess the following core competencies:

  • Understand and effectively apply computing skills used in modeling, simulation and visualization
  • Apply required mathematical and statistical methods to the design of a model and simulation of a process
  • Understand and apply modeling, simulation and visualization processes and state of the art implementation tools to modeling, simulation and visualization projects across areas
  • Manage modeling, simulation and visualization projects across areas.