Sonali Agarwal

“Active Asset Monitoring using RFID”


Sonali Agarwal

Committee Members: Prof. Lash Mapa, Prof. Mohammad Zahraee, Prof. Ge Gin


Food manufacturing businesses such as bread, meat, flowers, fruits, and milk products are date sensitive items and may need temperature monitoring at each stage of their transit from factory to retailer. Most of these products could be affected by harmful bacterium in food called food-borne pathogens. Since perishable foods items are mostly prone to food-borne pathogens therefore the main emphasis of this project is to monitor the temperature of these items while they are in transit. RFID is a technology which has been available for more than fifty years, could be used for this purpose and that supports quantitative research method.

The main purpose of the study is to design a software prototype for a RFID Middleware for monitoring real time temperature data. The project would mainly include interfacing of RFID Readers with the RFID Middleware that would interact with RFID based sensor tags. The software prototype would be designed to perform several tasks like user authentication, data archiving etc. The real time temperature data will be periodically uploaded on the website created for this project. The data readings are available to the administrator, sender and receiver of the shipment.

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