Sirisha Davuluru

“Internal Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma Methodologies in Higher Education”
By Sirisha Davuluru

Committee Members: Prof. Lash Mapa (Chair), Prof. Susan Scachitti, Prof. Joy Colwell


“It is a new and challenging era for education” (Oracle, 2006).Competition in todays higher education sector is growing making it a challenge to all institutions to be responsive and being able to provide better service to customers. Institutions for higher education in the United States are being constantly challenged to achieve higher quality in their education systems. Many universities and institutions have been focused on achieving high customer satisfaction by implementing, various quality philosophies and tools such as Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management etc. in the academic environment. Principally, the enrollment services consisting of admissions, registrations, financial aid and bursar office of an institution is becoming one of the concerns of any institution. Improving the routine aspects of these respective departments enhances the workload and efficiency thus providing improved service to customers both internally and externally. The objective of this project is to establish and improve the benchmarks associated with Purdue University Calumet’s admissions, registration and financial aid activities using Six Sigma techniques, in order to improve efficiency and strategic improvements related to customer satisfaction.

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