Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Database Integration Technology – Four (4) Courses

  • ITS 56000   Database Management Security — No Prerequisite
  • ITS 56400   Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence – No Prerequisite
  • ITS 56600   Database Object-Oriented Modeling and Architecture — No Prerequisite
  • ITS 56800   Database Application Integration – No Prerequisite

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership & Supervision – Four (4) Courses

  • OLS 58900   Leadership and Ethics
  • OLS 58000   Interpersonal Skills for Leaders
  • OLS 58800   Strategic Planning and marketing in Technology
    Any one of the following:
  • OLS 48600   Leadership and Change
  • OLS 48500   Leading Teams
  • OLS 45400 Gender and Diversity
    or additional OLS graduate courses (50000 level)

Graduate Certificate in Six Sigma for Business and Industry – Four (4) Courses

  • IET 41100   Applications of Lean Six Sigma Methodologies
    Prerequisite: basic statistics and basic understanding of quality principles
  • IT  50800    Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology
  • IET 51000   Product Development and Optimization
    Prerequisite: basic  statistics
  • IET 52000   Enterprise Quality Planning and Analysis
    Prerequisite: basic  statistics and IT 50800

To obtain any of the above certificates, you must complete the following steps: 

        1. Fill out and submit the Graduate school online application. You must select the name of the certificate you would like to take from the “Program of Interest/Graduate Major” drop-down box and “Graduate Certificate” from the “Enrollment Objective” drop down box.
        2. Notify Graduate Program Coordinator, in ANDR 230, which certificate program you will be applying for. Also, notify her during the semester you are completing the last course for the certificate.
        3. Minimum grade for any course to be applied towards any of the above Certificates is “B”. Only courses taken for a letter grade may be included in these certificates.

Graduate School Online Application

For more information contact Prof. Mohammad Zahraee or Ms. Arleen Guard at (219) 989-2966