Summer 2014 Graduate Courses

This page contains a list of Summer 2014 courses being offered at the graduate level in the College of Technology. Select the title of the course to display the course description. You may self register from the myPUC Portal. For any other queries please contact:

Arleen Guard, Graduate Program Coordinator, at 219-989-2966,

Courses Offered:

ECET 52100        Solar Energy Systems

IET 51000            Product Development Optimization

OLS 55000           Managing Diversity

TECH 58100        Principles of Information Assurance

TECH 64600        Analysis & Research of Industry & Technology



Graduate Courses of Summer – 2014 – Descriptions

ECET 52100 – Solar Energy Systems

An introduction to energy from the sun, technology and design of photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, solar lighting systems and solar-bio systems.  The topics will also cover the energy storage using hydrogen and new advancements in solar technology.  

IET 51000 – Product Development Optimization

An efficient statistical procedure for planning a series of experiments such that the data obtained can be analyzed to yield valid and objective conclusions. It can be used to screen a set of variables to identify those with most effect, optimize an experimental process or retrospectively analyze a set of experimental data. Both the design and analysis steps require the application of techniques for statistical data analysis.

OLS 55000 – Managing Diversity

This course is a senior undergraduate and graduate course designed to provide students with the comprehensive study of contemporary diversity issues facing supervisors and human resource professionals. Issues relevant to supervisors and human resources professionals are discussed at a level where students will be able to manage a diverse workforce and develop policies and practices to assist organizations to avoid problems and litigation.    

Tech 58100 – Principles of Information Assurance

This course allows Master of Science in Technology students to pursue practical experiences and management principles in technology related work. Students will learn state of the art security technology and skills as well as security management principles, policies, architecture, and models in information assurance.

TECH 64600 – Analysis & Research of Industry & Technology

Analysis of research and evaluation of research reports. Emphasis on understanding the application of fundamental statistical methods in design and interpretation of research findings in industrial, technical, and human resource development environments.