Fall 2014 Graduate Courses

This page contains a list of Fall 2014 courses being offered at the graduate level in the College of Technology. Select the title of the course to display the course description. You may self register from the myPUC portal. For any other queries please contact:

Arleen Guard, Graduate Program Coordinator, at 219-989-2966, arleen.guard@purduecal.edu

Courses Offered:

Core Courses

IT 50700              Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology

IT 50800              Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology

TECH 64600        Analysis & Research of Industry & Technology 

Computer Information Technology

ITS 56400            Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

ITS 58100            Web Applications 

Electrical Engineering Technology

ECET 55600        Alternative Energy

TECH 50200        Smart Energy Grid 

Industrial Engineering Technology

IET 52000            Enterprise Quality Planning

IT 57100              Project Management in Industry & Technology 

Organizational Leadership and Supervision

OLS 57400          Managerial Training & Development

OLS 58900          Leadership & Ethics

 Mechanical Engineering Technology

MET 52700          Technology from a Global Perspective


Graduate Courses for Fall – 2014 – Descriptions

ECET 55600 Alternative Energy Technology: Introduction to various sources of energy and their process of extraction. Nonrenewable versus renewable energy sources and their harvesting technology will be studied. Wind, solar, fuel cells, biomass, geothermal, hydropower, and ocean energy and their process of harvest. Most emphasis will be on renewable energy sources such as: wind and solar, geothermal and oceanic energy technology and their harvesting systems.  Modeling, simulation and analysis of wind and solar energy harvesting systems.

IET 52000 Enterprise Quality Planning: The course provides advanced quality techniques required for improving quality, reliability and maintenance in modern business enterprises by providing essential tools. The course will focus on problem solving and team sessions with high participation of students.

IT 50700 Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology:  An introduction to measurement strategies in industrial, technical, and human resource development environments. The evaluation of measurement outcomes will be the primary focus of the course.

IT 50800 Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology:  Examines the contemporary issues of continuous improvement in quality and productivity in manufacturing and service industries. Includes a close examination of the evolving philosophies bearing on the scope, improvement, and costs of quality assurance programs in industry and technology.

IT 57100 Project Management in Industry and Technology:  The factors influencing decisions during the initiation, implementation, and termination of industrial and manufacturing projects are examined. Students work as project teams, using project management tools to develop implementation strategies.

ITS 56400 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence:  This seminar course covers the concepts of database administration, including topics such as architecture, advanced data management, and performance monitoring. The course is an appropriate entry-level graduate course for interdisciplinary students. Students should have taken mid-level database and programming classes as an undergraduate.

ITS 58100 Web Applications: This course is a pillar of the information technology curriculum. Every IT graduate must have knowledge of the technologies and architectures needed to develop and implement client/server architectures, e-commerce, and other distributed applications.

MET 52700 Technology from a Global Perspective:  Introduction to the challenges faced by the practicing technologist when working and interacting with international technical personnel, both here and abroad, including history, standards, education, and practice of technology outside the United States.

OLS 57400 Managerial Training and Development: Review of current managerial education and development theories and practices; discussion of fundamental social, economic, and political changes affecting business and the work of managing; implications of these changes for individual manager development and continued growth.

OLS 58900 Leadership & Ethics:  An examination of ethical, legal and policy issues facing business and technology leaders. Topics include ethical decision-making, corporate social responsibility, codes of ethics, public policies and government regulations, international business practices, technology innovation, risk management in a global environment, and specific areas of law – employment, health and safety, environmental, contract, warranties and liabilities, intellectual property, technology law, and international laws and regulations.  This course uses the case study method and involves active discussion and debate.

TECH 50200 Smart Energy Grid:  This course will introduce the students to smart grid, including distributed energy sources, communication infrastructures, advanced metering infrastructure, advanced control methods, and demand and supply management strategies and techniques. This course will also expose the students to distribution network analysis and the impact of smart grid component integration on distribution network operation and reliability.

TECH 64600 Analysis of Research in Industry and Technology:  Analysis of research and evaluation of research reports. Emphasis on understanding the application of fundamental statistical methods in design and interpretation of research findings in industrial, technical, and human resource development environments.