Fall 2014 Graduate Courses – Online

This page contains a list of Fall 2014 Online courses being offered at the graduate level in the College of Technology. Select the title of the course to display the course description. To register please contact:

Arleen Guard, Graduate Program Coordinator, at 219-989-2966, arleen.guard@purduecal.edu

Courses Offered:

IT 50700              Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology

IT 50800              Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology

IT 53500              Global Supply Chain Management

MET 52700          Technology from a Global Perspective

OLS 58900          Leadership & Ethics


Graduate Courses for Fall 2014 Online – Descriptions

IT 50700 Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology:  An introduction to measurement strategies in industrial, technical, and human resource development environments. The evaluation of measurement outcomes will be the primary focus of the course. 

IT 50800 Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology:  Examines the contemporary issues of continuous improvement in quality and productivity in manufacturing and service industries. Includes a close examination of the evolving philosophies bearing on the scope, improvement, and costs of quality assurance programs in industry and technology.

IT 53500 Global Supply Chain Management:  This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of business processes and strategies needed to integrate logistical system management. The importance of good supply chain design, planning, operation and performance improvement in an organization is discussed.

MET 52700 Technology from a Global Perspective:  Introduction to the challenges faced by the practicing technologist when working and interacting with international technical personnel, both here and abroad, including history, standards, education, and practice of technology outside the United States.

OLS 58900 Leadership & Ethics: An examination of ethical, legal and policy issues facing business and technology leaders. Topics include ethical decision-making, corporate social responsibility, codes of ethics, public policies and government regulations, international business practices, technology innovation, risk management in a global environment, and specific areas of law – employment, health and safety, environmental, contract, warranties and liabilities, intellectual property, technology law, and international laws and regulations.  This course uses the case study method and involves active discussion and debate.