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lestracoleLestra Cole

Focus Area: Technology Leadership and Management

Master of Science in Technology, 2014

Project Manager, Foundation and Corporate Engagement

University of Chicago


How has your Master of Science in Technology helped you?

While the entire program helped to solidify my leadership and management skills; my final research proposal on Project Management in TECH 64600 is what helped me the most. The research process required I utilize all the resources I learned throughout the program and become more career minded and focused professionally. The program has also improved my strategic thinking skills and how I engage in problem solving.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage department project intake process and allocate internal resources based on project requirements.
  • Identify foundation and corporate funding opportunities aligned with department objectives and strategies.
  • Assist with aligning emerging program areas and faculty research with new and existing funding opportunities.
  • Coordinate the activities of assigned project team, identify required resources and develop schedules to ensure the timely completion of funding proposals.

Advice for Present and Future Students

Unless the students have time constraints, I recommend the Directed Project and internships in the field they intend to seek employment. I also recommend the topic for their final proposal in TECH 64600 is directly related to their intended employment field. This will help them to develop a solid understanding of their selected industry and narrow their focus when they begin their job search. Lastly, I strongly recommend finding a mentor who will commit to developing them professionally