Previous Alumni Spotlight

Jennifer VacendakJenVac2

Focus Area: Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Master of Science in Technology, 2013

Product Support Engineer
B&R Industrial Automation

How has your Master of Science in Technology helped you?

Mechatronics is a growing major, and I attracted a lot of interest from my employer by being a graduate of that program. Employers in Automation are looking for people that possess both Mechanical and Electrical knowledge, but also understand concepts that are unique to that field. I was even able to skip portions of our five-month training program for new hires, which benefitted both me and my employer.

Job Responsibilities

  • Providing support to our partners and end-users from our North American HQ in the Atlanta area; my team strives to know everything about our current and previous lines of products in order to answer technical questions for new applications or assist if a machine is down.
  • We build test setups similar to existing customer machines or applications in development by our partner engineers in order to replicate issues, so the job can be very hands-on. We also work closely with Support and R&D at our main HQ in Austria.

Advice for Present and Future Students

Choose to participate in a Directed Project, as well as some internships and other activities related to your major (i.e. competitions). I cannot begin to express how valuable the contacts I made were at helping me find a career. The coursework and hands-on labs are definitely a solid foundation, but by putting those concepts to work outside of class and meeting people in the field, you set yourself up for success.


Annaji AmmuAnnaji Ammu
Master of Science in Technology, 2008

Process Improvement Consultant
Volt Workforce Solutions

How has your Master of Science in Technology helped you?

My Master of Science in Technology degree has helped by providing me with technical and leadership abilities to be able to solve industrial and manufacturing problems. Coursework was embedded with case studies and real world applications that prepare the student for a leadership position in industry. Core coursework includes statistics, quality and research methods which is very helpful in my day to day job functions. I would recommend this to a friend/colleague.

Job Responsibilities

  • Seeks and evaluates process improvement and Lean Enterprise information, materials, and methods to match specific organizational needs as outlined by management
  • Execution of process improvement events
  • Determines quality improvement parameters by identifying statistical methods relevant to manufacturing processes
  • Establishes statistical reliability by using mean time before failure, Weibull 3-parameter distribution, reliability modeling, and reliability demonstration tests