Freshman year checklist

Adapted from’s “need to know” web resource

Download the graduation plan

Push Yourself

  • Set up an appointment with your ETS high school counselor to discuss your graduation plan.
  • Complete the ETS high school needs assessment.Learn More Annual Student Survey Begin here
  • Receive Skillstutor access and information on FREE face-to-face tutoring for ETS participants.
  • Focus on your classes and stay on top of homework assignments.
  • Take a learning styles assessment to better understand the best ways for you to learn new information.
  • Review Core 40 requirements and set a goal of completing Core 40 with Academic or Technical Honors
  • Take classes that must be completed before you can enroll in advanced courses like Advanced Placement and dual credit.
  • Use your electives to explore possible careers.

Find the Right Fit

Put Your Hands on Some CashIndiana College Costs Estimator

Be a pain, in a good way – Find Someone To Help

  • Discuss your future plans with your ETS counselor, family, and other adults.
  • Get to know your ETS counselor.
  • Bookmark the Educational Talent Search home page to your internet favorites and create a shortcut on your desktop.  Visit this page often to find out about latest goings-ons, activities, and events.
  • Make sure you have an active email account and on file in the ETS office.  Visit yahoo, google mail, or hotmail to set up an account. 
  • Become an ETS facebook fan and follow us via Twitter