Adult Services

The goal of the Adult Services component is to motivate the out-of-school or non-traditional student to enter or re-enter a secondary and/or postsecondary institution. Educational Talent Search serves as a liaison between the adult learner and GED programs. Additional individualized counseling is provided for college admissions and financial aid procedures.

Distance Learning

  • GED On TV – Enroll in the Indiana statewide GED ON TV program.GED logo
  • ICN College Network – Enroll in online classes and programs at these accredited Indiana.
  • Skillstutor – Build your academic skill level via this online academic enrichment tool (contact the ETS office for access).

Financial Aid/Scholarships

  • FAFSA on the web – Apply for a Pell Grant, the nation’s largest public financial aid grant source.
  • National Student Loan Data System – A centralized view of Title IV loans and Pell grants so that recipients of Title IV Aid can access and inquire about their Title IV loans and/or Pell grant data.
  • Direct Consolidation Loans – Simplify loan repayment by combining several types of Federal education loans into one new loan.
  • Repaying your student loans – Explore available options including request for forbearance, lowering costs, and deferments.
  • Educational Tax Credits – Get federal income tax relief and take advantage of education related tax credits and deductions.
  • Access Indiana – Check your status for Indiana state financial aid eligibility.
  • Scholarship Search – Check out the wide range of scholarship opportunities, both locally and nationally.Image of a boy carrying books

Career Building/Employment

  • Workone Northwest – Employment, training, and education services for Northwest Indiana residents.
  • CareerTrax – View local job listings and internship opportunities (you must register for this service).