Annual Activities & Events

Educational Talent Search provides a number of activities and programs that have been designed to meet participant goals.  As a federally funded educational opportunity program, all services are provided at no charge to eligible participants.

  • Middle and high school self assessment
  • Tutoring and standardized test preparation service
  • Academic monitoring and career counseling
  • Financial Aid assistance and scholarship search
  • Exposure to student leadership activities and community service initiatives
  • Regular follow-up to ensure IEP compliance
  • Newsletters
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT and college application fee waivers
  • Workshops that are designed to motivate and inspire excellence
  • Parent involvement activities
  • College visitations and cultural enrichment activities
  • Summer academic enrichment


Facts about our program

  • Funded wholly by the Education Department at approximately $1.75 million (over five years)
  • Over 90% of participants advance to the next grade level
  • Participants graduate from high school at rates that exceed the state and national average
  • Participants enroll in colleges and universities at rates (80%) that exceed state and national averages