Undergraduate Research Grant Guidelines

Undergraduate Research Grant Guidelines

Purpose: A program that awards undergraduate students funds to help defray expenses for research projects.  This program enables undergraduate students to be involved in research, helps students connect with faculty mentors and learn more about their chosen profession and teaches students how to develop a project proposal and presentation.

Research: Eligible research for the URG program is defined broadly as scholarly or artistic activities that lead to the production of new knowledge including design, analysis, theory and interpretation, an increased problem solving capability including analytical tools, software and analysis processes or production of an art or artistic performance.  It is hoped the results of theses projects can lead to publications, presentations, advanced technology or artistic performances.  A research symposium for the students to present their results will be held in the spring each year at PUC.  Students receiving an award are expected to participate in the symposium.

Funding: The funding is to be used for expenses directly incurred during the research project.  Examples of allowed expenses may include, but are not limited to, materials, chemicals, books, software, licenses, recording devices, reproduction of materials and travel during the research project to places needed to gather data.  The funding will not be allowed to be used for stipends, typical office supplies such as pens, paper and folders, computers and travel to present the results of the research.  The maximum grant size is $500 for an individual student project and $1,000 total for a group project, regardless of the number of students involved. All equipment and unused supplies purchased with URG funds remain the property of Purdue University Calumet.  The funding should be utilized within one year.  Sepcific dates will be provided with award notification.


Eligibility: All currently enrolled Purdue University Calumet undergraduate students are eligible to apply for URG grants.  The student must remain enrolled as an undergraduate student at Purdue University Calumet during the time that they do the research.  All students must have their application submitted by their mentor to the Student Research Office at SRO@purduecal.edu by the deadline.  All students receiving URG funding will agree to submit a one page abstract of their project results to be disseminated at the PUC research symposium and present their work as either an oral or poster presentation.

Research Application and Selection: To apply for the URG students must follow the application process detailed online.  An interdisciplinary committee consisting of PUC faculty and staff will evaluate the applications. The Review Committee will rank the applications by stated selection criteria.  The highest ranked proposals will be funded.  Some proposals will be fully funded, some partially funded and some not funded, depending upon the availability of funds.

The maximum grant size is $500 for an individual student project and $1,000 total for a group project, regardless of the number of students involved.

Human Subjects

Whether you are funded by the URG or not, if you will be working with human subjects during the course of your research, you must meet guidelines established by the Committee for the Use of Human Research Subjects.  This applies to students as well as faculty in all departments and may include such activities as surveys, questionnaires, data collection, and interviews.  If your research involves human subjects you must indicate that you are aware of these regulations and have obtained the required approval from the University Oversight Committee.  Consult the following resources for further information about the regulations governing research with human subjects:

Ethical Guidelines

All research must be conducted in a manner that is honest and ethical. Results, data and methods should be accurately reported and credit given to all individuals making significant contributions to the project.  Care must be exercised so that your research activities do not harm any individuals, or the environment.

Each student group (1 per project) must fill out and submit an URG application to their mentor for approval.  If the mentor approves of the project they must submit the application electronically to sro@purduecal.edu by the specified deadline.

Please note, your application will not be considered if you do not provide a detailed budget.

The maximum grant size is $500 for an individual student project and $1,000 total for a group project, regardless of the number of students involved.