Undergraduate Research Grant: Call for Proposals (Deadline: Sept. 22nd 2014)

Call for Undergraduate Research Grants Proposals The Student Research Office (SRO) is soliciting applications for the Undergraduate Research Grant Program.  All PUC undergraduate students in all fields of study are eligible for this grant.  This grant will fund up to $300 for individual projects and $600 for group projects in order to cover research expenses […]

2014 Student Research Day Oral Criteria

Purdue University Calumet Spring 2014 Student Research Day Oral presentation Session _________, Room ___________, Project Number ______________ Name of Presenter: _________________________________ Presentation Title: _______________________________________________________________ Name of Reviewer: _________________________________   Please circle the appropriate response to each of the following: To avoid conflicts of interest, if you are the mentor of this project, please do not […]

Student Research Day Oral Presentation List

Student Research Day Oral Presentations List Now Available

2013 Revised Student Research Day Agenda

The Agenda for the Student Research Days has been announced.

Student Research Day Presentation List Announced

We are pleased to announce the Student Research Day Presentation List. Comparing with last year, the number of presentations of this year increased from 99 to 126, a 27% increase; the students participating in 2013 SRD increased from 169 to 240, a 42% increase. Non-EMS projects increased from 30% of the total projects last year […]