Job Seeking On-Campus

On-campus employment includes the following:

  • Federal Work-Study: The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a type of financial aid that provides the opportunity to earn money toward the cost of school by working on campus. For more information, visit our Federal Work-Study (FWS) Information page.
  • Non-Federal Work-Study: If you have not been awarded FWS, you may still find work on campus.
  • Temporary Positions: This type of work is done on a short-term, as-needed basis for a variety of positions and occurrences. This work may or may not relate to your major but will be something you are capable of doing successfully.
  • Project Work: Similar to an internship or co-op, this is work that a department asks you to do in relation to your major or past experience.
  • Graduate Aide Positions: To be eligible to hold a graduate aide position during any semester, you must be enrolled as a graduate student in a degree-seeking or teacher licensure program and be registered for at least 3 graduate level (50000 or above) credit hours during the entire length of the position. To obtain a graduate aide position, inquire within your department, at the Office of Career Services, or with the Graduate School.

To search for positions on-campus, visit PUCjobs to learn more about Career Services‘ online job database, CareerTrax.

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