Congratulations to the following students and supervisors nominated for Student Employee/ Student Employee Supervisor of the Year!

2013 Student Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Faisal Aljaizani (Int. Student Office), Nominated by Dennis Korchek
  • Jeremy Williams (Housing & Res. Ed.), Nominated by Brenda Hunt
  • Sereta Donald (Housing & Res. Ed.), Nominated by Brenda Hunt
  • Nicholas Walla (CIVS), Nominated by Chenn Zhou
  • Sirenna Blas (Writing Center, English), Nominated by Janine Harrison
  • Adam Manno (Education), Nominated by Kim Wasniak and Michelle Rogowski
  • Anthony Mitchell (Salvation Army), Nominated by Kellie Branch
  • Caitlyn Lackey (Dean of Students), Nominated by Sara Ash
  • Rebecca E. DeYoung (Academic Affairs), Nominated by Deborah McGlashan, Tania Sanders & Ralph Rogers
  • William Rosado (Boots to Books), Nominated by Akili Shakur
  • Jose Barajas (Facilities Services), Nominated by Karen Sullivan, Paul Pratt, Laura Pardonek & Chiquita Teamer

2013 Student Employee Supervisor of the Year Nominees

  • Lisa Hopp (Nursing), Nominated by Anna Hristova
  • Jan Gonalez (Testing Services Center), Nominated by Jaleisha Bronner, Maria Sklivas, Lauren Innes, Kara Buchholz & Shika Mapa
  • Laura Dorsch (School of Technology), Nominated by Bridget N. Marczewski
  • Judith Johnson (Registration), Nominated by Hannah Musser & Sarah Kern
  • Rebecca Benson (Enrollment Management), Nominated by Kelsey Lancy
  • Rick Rickerson (School of Technology), Nominated by Aaron Kolb

We will be celebrating National Student Employment Week April 8 – 12, 2013. Student workers make tremendous contributions to the university. To express our appreciation to these students, we have several activities planned.Monday, April 8 and Tuesday April 9, on the International Concourse of the Student Union and Library, we will have free cookies and games of skill. On Wednesday, April 10, join us in Calumet Falls from 11 A.M. – 2 P.M. for a Pizza Party and Celebration Cake while listening to the fabulous music of DJ Paul Segal, 219 Productions! On Thursday, April 11, the Student Employee of the Year and Student Employee Supervisor of the Year winners will be announced at the Reception, open to the entire campus, in YJean Chambers, Student Union and Library, 3rd floor,  from 12:30 P. M. – 1:30 P.M. at which light refreshments will be served.