And Purdue University Calumet’s Student Employee of the Year 2012…

…was announced on Thursday, April 12th! The winner is Brandon Rukes! We are very proud to also announce that Brandon won Student Employee of the Year for Indiana!! This is the first time our student employee has won state since 2005! Pitparnee Stompor was the Supervisor that won the Student Employee Supervisor of the Year 2012 for Purdue University Calumet!

Click here to see pictures from the SEOTY Reception!

We received 14 nominations for Student Employee of the Year and two nominations of Student Employee Supervisor of the Year. I have listed out the nominees below. Congratulations to everyone that was nominated for this outstanding honor!

Nominated Students:

  • Parvizsho “Viz” Aminov, Nominated by Brook Hewson (International Programs Office)
  • Ikenna Kingsley Anozie, Nominated by Renea A. Maxfield (TRIO Programs)
  • Sarah Belford, Nominated by Bernadette Perez, Tom Megyesi, and Matt Dudzik (Health Recreation & Sports)
  • Tyler Billingsley, Nominated by Pamela Hunter (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics, MCSS)
  • Sirenna Blas, Nominated by Karen Bishop Morris (Writing Center)
  • Lauren Ferguson, Nominated by John Bobalik (Fitness Center)
  • Trevor Fishback, Nominated by Rick Rickerson, David McLees, Niaz Latif, Laura Dorsch, Jody Kidd, and Susan Scachitti (School of Technology)
  • Douglas Flournoy, Nominated by Denorah Beal (Academic Resource Center)
  • Shika Mapa, Nominated by Jan Gonzalez (Testing Center)
  • Daniel Pizano, Nominated by Mary Beth Rincon and Jasmine Marquez (Human Resources)
  • Brandon Rukes, Nominated by Bipin Pai, Carol Cortilet-Albrecht, and John Rowan (Honors Program); Debbie Bachmann (New Student Orientation)
  • Kaylee Swets, Nominated by Donna Weidenfeller (Academic Quality and Outreach)
  • Felicia Walker, Nominated by Jane Curry (Computer Information Technology and Graphic, CIT&G)
  • Charity Wysong, Nominated by Michael C. Henson (School of Engineering Mat and Science, EMS); Dan Biggs (Desktop Computing Services/Customer Service Center)

Nominated Supervisors:

  • Pitparnee Stompor, Nominated by Alex B. Criswell (HTM Lab)
  • Diana Williams, Nominated by Henry Muro (University Relations)