Where Do All the Graduates Go?

So, what are some of the “great places,” that Purdue University Calumet graduates go after graduating? An interesting question, to say the least! But thanks to the collaboration between the Office of Career Services and the deans of all six schools at Purdue Calumet, the answer has become a little clearer.

For years, Career Services used traditional surveying techniques, including mailing paper surveys to graduates to gather data to assess the question at hand . . . “Where do Purdue Calumet graduates go?” Despite the organized efforts and valiant follow up attempts, return rates for the survey were rather low, which made it difficult to draw any meaningful conclusions. Nationwide, many colleges and universities struggle with the same dilemma.

In July 2008, Career Services and each of the university’s academic deans teamed up to create a letter and survey that was delivered via email to May 2008 graduates. Updated email addresses were collected from the new grads just before the commencement exercises, as students picked up their tickets for the ceremony.

And here’s what the survey results revealed:

  • 88 percent of May 2008 employed grads report being employed within their field of study.

  • 76 percent of May 2008 graduates plan to pursue further education, including master and doctoral degrees, and certificates.

  • 32 percent of our May 2008 grads stayed with their current employer and 56 percent of those that stayed received raises.

  • 23 percent of May 2008 grads reporting their salary make more than $50,000 per year.

  • 65 percent of May 2008 grads reporting their salary make between $30,000-49,999.

And the great places they went to, include:

  • Area hospitals in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland (Purdue Calumet nurses are well-respected and highly successful in their profession);

  • Schools (Purdue Calumet teachers are well-prepared, and valued contributors to educational processes throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland);

  • Manufacturing facilities (Purdue Calumet engineers are innovative and creative in leading efforts to develop efficient and effective systems);

  • Municipalities (Purdue Calumet provides some of the most outstanding leaders to cities and towns);

  • Media outlets (Purdue Calumet journalists and tv/radio production professionals continue to inject creative flair into their industry);

  • Technology firms (Purdue Calumet technology majors are vastly knowledgeable in technological advances and bring new perspective to both established and entrepreneurial firms);

  • Construction companies (Purdue Calumet construction management grads are well-trusted and tested to be involved in some of the most high profile construction projects in this area);

  • Fortune 500 Companies (Purdue Calumet management graduates continue to be highly sought after because of their business savvy and their value for ethics).

So, Purdue Calumet graduates are having a huge impact on the growth and development of Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland, and even the country. Purdue Calumet graduates sure go to some “great places” with their careers. Just ask them!