The University Village and The Undergraduate Experience

Peregrine Parents newsletter header News from the Nest Volume 2 Issue 2 November 2008. A student Affairs Publication

The University Village…

Purdue University Calumet made a commitment to housing and residential education four years ago when the institution made the decision to provide students with the option of living on campus. The doors of University Village opened in the fall semester of 2005. Currently, The University Village houses 377 students and staff members and has a significant waiting list that will likely last through the Spring Semester of 2009. In April of 2008, Purdue Calumet broke ground on the second phase of The University Village. With the completion of Phase II, the number of residents who live on campus will nearly double. This will address the increasing demand for more residential spaces on campus.

The Department of Housing and Residential Education contributes significantly to the undergraduate experience. It complements the scholarship of the classroom and provides opportunities for learning, leadership and personal growth through educational programs, activities, and service. The mission of the Department of Housing and Residential Education is to create and continuously develop a student-centered, academically supportive residential environment with primary focus on four tenets:

  • Intellectual Engagement

  • Citizenship

  • Pluralistic Community, and

  • Personal Growth

The value of having the Department of Housing and Residential Education is exemplified in numerous experiences which include, but are not limited to:

  • Making an important connection to the University

  • Learning the importance of self-care

  • Learning how to budget appropriately

  • Learning how to balance responsibilities

  • Learning how to resolve conflict in a positive manner

  • Learning how to be a dedicated student to his/her own chosen course of study

The Department of Housing and Residential Education also provides additional leadership and student employment opportunities on campus. Residents who have lived on campus for one semester are encouraged to apply for a Resident Assistant position. The Resident Assistant is a student leader who plans programs and activities, addresses concerns from residents, mediates roommate conflicts, and documents behavioral concerns. The Resident Assistant position is highly sought after and involves a four-phrase interview process. The benefits of being a Resident Assistant include outstanding leadership opportunities, free room, a meal plan, and a monthly stipend.

Students also have the opportunity to become a Community Assistant in The University Village. Community Assistants are undergraduate students who staff the Service Desk of The University Village. Community Assistants greet guests, answer incoming calls, check guests in and out, and provide resource information to residents and staff. Community Assistants are paid hourly.

Finally, students who live within The University Village community have the opportunity to run for executive board positions on The University Village Hall Council. The University Village Hall Council is an elected group of students who program activities and events that address the interests of The University Village community. The students who serve on The University Village Hall Council do so in a volunteer leadership role.

The staff members of the Department of Housing and Residential Education strive to provide an atmosphere that is supportive and conducive to learning. We also strongly encourage residents to take advantage of all of the leadership opportunities available in The University Village and across campus. We are here to provide support to those pursuing their degrees as well as help to build strong connections to the campus community.