University Police

The University Police strives to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  Purdue University Calumet Police Department (PUCPD) is a fully jurisdictional Police Department of the State of Indiana and is empowered with lawful authority to enforce all Criminal and Traffic Laws of the State of Indiana, as well as University rules and regulations as they relate to the Motor Vehicle, Bicycle, and Traffic Regulations (PDF).

In addition to regular law enforcement duties, the department assists with all other areas of campus safety and security, reporting hazardous conditions and unsafe practices.  Purdue University Calumet police officers are graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy and are experienced law enforcement professionals from city, county and state police departments.  Each officer is required by State mandate to attend annual training courses in law enforcement to maintain current with changes in law and training practices.  Campus security facts and figures are available from the University Policy Department or can be viewed online.

How to Reach University Police

  • Non-Emergency: (219) 989-2220, (219) 989-2221 or (219) 989-2222
  • Emergency: From a campus telephone dial direct 2911; From a non-campus telephone or a cellulare phone dial 911 (Hammond Police will notify Purdue University Calumet Police about the emergency.
  • Anonymous Hotline: (219) 989-2912

(NOTE: The University Police recommends calling (219) 989-2911 INSTEAD of calling  9-911.  Purdue University Police are first responders and often will arrive at the scene before Hammond.  University Police will contact Hammond Police if the situation warrants.

Confidential reporting of crimes can be made by clicking on the “Silent Witness” .

Additional contact information can be found at the University Police Web site and by emailing

Location and Hours

The University Police Department is located in the UNPD building on the north end of campus directly across the parking lot from the CLO building.

The University Police Department operates 24/7.

Normal Business Hours:  7:00 a.m. – 11 p.m., Monday through Friday

A Campus Emergency Preparedness Guide and an Emergency Preparedness Quick Glance are available on the website and throughout campus as well as an Emergency Preparedness Overview in three languages…English, Chinese and Spanish.  These publications are designed to assist faculty, staff, and students in the preparation of a campus emergency.  While these publications do not cover every conceivable situation, they do provide the basic guidelines necessary to respond to and cope with the most common campus emergencies.  Please become familiar with these documents.

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