Personal Injury, Accident, or Serious Illness Procedure

In the event of a personal injury, accident, or serious illness the following procedure is to be followed:

  1. Stay with the injured or ill person, if possible.
    • DO NOT MOVE a seriously injured or ill person unless the person is in a life-threatening situation (i.e., falling debris, fire, explosion).
    • Keep the victim calm and as comfortable as possible.
    • Administer CPR or AED if the situation calls for it and ONLY IF YOU ARE QUALIFIED.
  2. If you believe an ambulance is needed, send someone to call for assistance, if possible.  Only leave the injured or ill party if no one else is available to call.

    Call 2911 from a campus phone or 989-2911 from an outside phone.

    Be prepared to provide the following information to the emergency operator:

    • Location of the injured or ill party
    • The nature or basic description of the extent of injury or illness
    • The telephone number you are calling from
    • Any other vital information requested

    University Police will provide first response assistance until the Hammond Fire Department EMS (if needed) arrives. University Police Officers are medical first responders trained in CPR and AED.

    NOTE:Red emergency phones are located throughout campus buildings.  Emergency call boxes are located in each campus parking area throughout the campus and are connected directly to the University Police Station.  Call boxes are identified by red signs or red poles with a blue light on top.

  3. If you have to leave the injured or ill party, return to them as soon as possible and remain with them until University Police or Hammond EMS arrive.
  4. Transportation to a medical facility is to be provided ONLY by ambulance or private person of the victim’s choice.
    • In the event an ambulance is not required at the scene, or is refused by the injured or ill party, the University Police will assist in securing transportation.  In all situations, it is the injured persons’ right to deny transportation and/or treatment. The injured person may seek treatment with a medical provider of his/her choice.

University Police will respect the privacy of students and others but when emergencies exist, we will not withhold from family information that would lead that person to the location and condition of the individual experiencing an emergency.

The University Police will attempt to obtain, at the very least, a verbal consent from the victim before transport to a medical facility to facilitate notification to the family. The University Police, in collaboration with the Dean of Students Office, will notify the family of the injured or ill person as soon as practical. A witness to this consent is preferred and will be documented in the medical report. The University Police will then assist in the notification process. If consent is denied, then respect of privacy will be maintained. In medical emergencies where the victim is unconscious or unable to speak, then consent to release information is implied.

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