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Fitness and Recreation Center
Hours: Posted in the Fitness and Recreation Center
ne (219) 989-2540
Fax (219) 989-2558


Over 40 intramural sports and recreational activities that include individual and team leagues as well as one night tournaments and open plays. There is something for everyone from your traditional sports; flag football; volleyball and basketball to your non-traditional; baking, gardening and dodgeball. For more information call (219) 989-2050.

PUC Fitness Center

Purdue University Calumet’s Fitness Center is a multi-dimensional, state of the art training and teaching facility. The center features high-tech, computerized equipment, convenient hours, and a professional staff of degreed exercise physiologists with over 50 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. The center is staffed at all times to provide the individual assistance needed to achieve personal goals. For more information, call 989-2175.

Recreational Sports

The Recreation Department offers a variety of activities for all students who are fitness center members and hold a valid PUC student ID card. Programs include basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, badminton, air hockey, use of indoor track, weightlifting, handball, racquetball, and aerobic classes. There is a charge for reserved racquetball court use; advance reservations are suggested and can be made up to 7 days in advance. Call (219) 989-2550 to reserve a court. Lockers, locks, towels, etc. may be rented at the Recreation Desk. Fees are posted.

Student and Employee Wellness

Provides on-campus programs and promotional activities that encourage healthy life choices. The Employee Wellness Center, housed in the Fitness and Recreation Center 141, makes available health related information (i.e. pamphlets, booklets, books, videos, etc.) programs and activities to staff. Call 989-2709 with further questions regarding employee wellness services. For student wellness information call 989-2175.

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