Basis of Grades

Students are responsible for the completion of all required work, in each course for which they are enrolled, by the time of the last scheduled meeting of the class, unless assignment to the course has been properly cancelled.  Students shall receive from their instructors a grade in each course for which they are enrolled at the close of the session.  This grade will indicate the student’s achievement with respect to the objectives of the course.

 Semester Grades

The following grades may be assigned by the instructors and reported to the Registrar.

* Please note that +/- grades are optional as determined by the instructor.

For Credit Courses

A Highest Passing Grade.










D- Lowest passing grade; passing minimal objectives of the course.

E Conditional failure; failure to achieve minimum objectives, but only to such limited extent that credit can be obtained by examination or otherwise without repeating the entire course.  This grade represents failure in the course unless and until the record is duly changed within one semester.  (It cannot be improved to a grade higher than “D+.”)  Instructors reporting grades of “E” shall file in their departmental offices and in the Office of the Registrar a statement of what is required for the student to receive the passing grade.

F Failure; failure to achieve minimal objectives of the course.  The student must repeat the course satisfactorily in order to establish credit for it.

For Credit Courses Taken Under Pass/Not Pass Option

P- Passing grade; equivalent to grade “A,” “B,” or “C.”

N- Not passing.

For Zero Credit Courses

(including thesis research but not including laboratory portions of courses in which, for purposes of scheduling, separate course designations and registrations are used for the laboratory sections.)

S- Satisfactory; meets course objectives.

U- Unsatisfactory; does not meet course objectives.

For Incomplete Work either Credit or Non-Credit

A grade of Incomplete is a record of work which was interrupted by unavoidable absence or other causes beyond a student’s control, which work was passing at the time it was interrupted and the completion of which does not require the student to repeat the course in order to obtain credit.  The incomplete may also be used to delay the awarding of a grade in courses (e.g., self-paced courses, mastery courses, and practices the completion of which normally requires one semester, but the structure of which allows specified additional time).  An instructor may consult with the dean of students to determine whether the circumstances may warrant a grade of Incomplete.

When an instructor reports a grade of Incomplete, he/she shall file in the departmental office a statement of the reason for the grade and what is required of the student to receive a permanent grade.  He/She shall also indicate the grade that the student has earned on the work completed, and the weight to be given to the remainder of the work in computing a final, permanent grade.

The student must achieve a permanent grade in the course no later than the 12th week of the second subsequent semester of enrollment, or the incomplete grade will revert to a failing grade.  If the student is not enrolled for a period of three years following the semester in which the incomplete is given, then the incomplete grade will be permanent.  The grade will not revert to a failing grade, nor will the student be able to earn credit for the course by completing the work.

Appropriate Incomplete grades are as follows:

I –  Incomplete; no grade; the student was enrolled in a credit course under the regular grade option.

PI – Incomplete; no grade; same as “I” except that the student was enrolled in a credit course under the Pass/Not Pass Option.

SI – Incomplete; no grade; same as “I” except that the student was enrolled in a zero credit course.

Pass/Not Pass Option

In order to provide students with the opportunity to broaden their educational foundations with minimal concern for grades earned, an alternative grading system, the Pass/Not Pass Option was established.

Students register for the Pass/Not Pass Option in accordance with procedures, which can be explained by the Registrar or his designee.

  1. The option is open to all students in the University subject to the regulations of the School in which the student is enrolled.  In particular, the School will specify under what conditions a course that is passed under this option may be used to satisfy its graduation requirements.
  2. Subject to the regulations of their School, students may elect this option in any course which does not already appear on their academic record and in which they are otherwise eligible to enroll for credit with letter grades.  Students may not elect this option for more than 20% of the total credit hours required for graduation.
  3. The Registrar’s class roster will indicate which students have elected this option.
  4. A student who is enrolled in a course under this option has the same obligations as those who are enrolled in the course for credit with a letter grade.  When reporting final grades in the course, the instructor will report that any such student who would have earned a grade of “A,” “B,” or “C-” has passed the course, and that any other such student has not passed.  The Registrar will make an appropriate notation on the student’s academic record in place of a letter grade but will not use the course in computing grade indices.

Directed Grades

The Registrar is directed to record the following grades and symbols under special circumstances in lieu of semester grades.  The Registrar may request from the faculty such information as needed and on such forms as shall be prescribed.

W - Withdrew: a record of the fact that a student was enrolled in a course and withdrew or cancelled the course after the third week.

IF - Unremoved Incomplete – Failing: for a course in which a student received an “I,” a directed record of the student’s failure to achieve a permanent grade by the twelfth week of the second subsequent semester of enrollment.  This grade counts in all respects as a failing grade.

IN - Unremoved Incomplete – Not Passing: for a course taken under the Pass/Not Pass Option and in which a student received a “PI,” a directed record of the student’s failure to achieve a permanent grade by the twelfth week of the second subsequent semester of enrollment.  Otherwise the same as the “IF” except it does not affect index computations.

IU - Unremoved Incomplete – Unsatisfactory: for a zero credit course in which the student received an “SI” grade.  The same as an “IF” grade except that it does not affect index computations.

IX – For a course in  which  a student received an “I,” a directed record of the student not enrolled for three years after the incomplete was give.  This grade does not affect scholarship index.

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