Facilities Use and Posting Policy

Policies for Facilities Use

This policy applies only to activities that are not directly related to normal academic activities.  Detailed operational procedures and policies will be developed in partnership between Administrative Services, Student Affairs and all appropriate parties.

The Facilities Use Policy defines areas on campus that can be used and in what manner these areas may be used.

NOTE:  All student organizations interested in using facilities for events must gain approval from the Office of Facilities Services and Student Activities.  All events are temporary in nature within a specific time frame.  The duration of the event is a part of the approval process.  The Office of Facilities Services is responsible for scheduling and logistics associated with the event only.

Community Groups

The use of university facilities by campus-affiliated groups should always take precedence over community groups.

Community groups using the facilities are governed by this policy and must follow procedures for reserving space and the appropriate fee schedules involved.

Peaceful gatherings

See Free Speech and Open Expression Policy – INTERNAL  MEMORANDUM  NO. 564

Or visit the Purdue Policies and Procedures web page

Designated Areas for Use by Students, Faculty and Staff

The designated areas in the following list of buildings are available for use by students, faculty and staff:

Classroom Office Building (CLO)

  • East side of building concourse can be used for no more than 10 information tables.
  • Outside – all grassy areas to the east and west of CLO.
  • Student organizations and campus departments may not sponsor outside retailers in the CLO concourse.

Fitness and Recreation Center (FRC)

  • The gym is available for departments and student organizations to use for large events.
  • Refreshments can be served in the gym if done so in a restricted area.
  • There are charges associated with the use of the gym and should be discussed with the Office of Health, Recreation and Sports.
  • The gym floor must be covered for events and the group having the event must pay covering costs.

Porter Hall (PORT)

Full use of grassy area between Gyte and Porter Hall.

Lawshe Hall  (LAWS)

Grassy area on east side should be available for small outside activities (i.e., information tables at registration time).

Student Union and Library (SUL)

  • Founders Study is available for all special events that can be accommodated in the existing space with the existing furniture set-up.  No regular business meetings may be held in this room.
  • Alumni Hall, SUL 100, 104 and 150.  Set-up is provided by the university.  A plan must be supplied by the user.
  • Room 321 is available for all meetings, presentations and special events.  Furniture arrangement (existing furniture only) is the responsibility of the user.
  • Calumet Falls Lounge/TV Room  is a space designated to nurture student life activities and events,both formal and informal.  Scheduling will be done through the Office of Facilities Services.  Pleasenote that Calumet Falls/TV Room areas are not scheduled for meetings.
  • Concourse – full use of the concourse is available to all campus groups hosting large events; both the east and west sides.
  • Student organizations and campus departments may sponsor outside retailers only in the SULB Concourse.

Policies for Posting

As a university that is open to expression of various viewpoints, Purdue University Calumet encourages intra-campus posting of information in the interest of enhancing student and campus life and expanding opportunities for learning and cultural enrichment.

This policy attempts to monitor the dissemination of information in a manner that maximizes effectiveness and is consistent with university standards of appropriateness, decency and campus aesthetics.  Postings that by nature infringe on individual rights or promote activities, causes or initiatives prohibited by university regulations, and/or local, state or federal laws are not permitted (including but not limited to gambling, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drugs, sexually explicit words or pictures, or illegal activities).

What, Where and How to Post Information

All lounges on campus will have three large bulletin boards:

  • Student Organizations
  • Campus News and
  • Community News

There will be signs above these boards stating, “Authorization is required for all postings on these boards.  For information contact Student Activities at 219-989-2369 .  Student employees are available to do postings on these bulletin boards. For deadlines contact Student Activities.  Posters may not exceed 11” X 17”.

  1. Cork strips are installed in all stairwells.  The same posting rules apply here as in other areas.  These strips will be administered by the students employed to post and monitor all posting areas.
  2. Student Organization’s postings will be approved by Student Activities.  All departmental and community postings will be approved by the Information Desk.  All postings that have not been approved will be removed and disposed of, by the Office of Student Activities.
  3. Table Tents are allowed in all common areas (i.e. lounges, studies, vending areas, cafeteria, etc.).  These table tents must be stamped approved by the same procedure as posters.  Distributing them is the responsibility of the student group or department.
  4. Chalking and distribution of flyers on vehicles is not permitted.  Outdoor short-term campus signage is available for use by student organizations and campus departments.  Contact Electronic Communication and Publishing (ext. 2731) to make arrangements.

All buildings will have areas available for posting as follows:

  • Student Union and Library (SUL)
    • TV Room – 3 large, labeled boards (may be able to move and consolidate existing boards)
    • Plexiglas cases outside North entrance
    • Concourse – eliminate free-standing, tri-fold panel
    • Banners (in compliance with University graphic standards) can be hung from the ceiling in the Student Union and Library Concourse.  Four banners can be accommodated at any time.  Two (back to back) can be hung halfway between the Bookstore entrance and the Lounge entrance and two more (back to back) can be hung in the same location on the cafeteria side.
  • Fitness and Recreation Center (FRC)
    • Vending/Racquetball area – 3 large, labeled bulletin boards
    • Corkboard strip between the FRC rooms 131 and 134
  • Porter Hall (PORT)
    • South wall of entryway off Founders Plaza
    • Parking Garage
    • Vending area – 3 labeled bulletin boards on wall near vending machines
  • Gyte Building (Gyte)
    • ISCP Vending Area – 3 large, labeled bulletin boards
    • Across from Gyte room 36, add 2 bulletin boards
  • Anderson Building (ANDR)
    • Lounge – hang 2 additional, labeled bulletin boards
  • Potter Building (POTT)
    • Corkboard strip between Potter room 113 and room 119
  • Powers Building  (PWRS)
    • Lounge – hang 2 additional, labeled bulletin boards
  • Classroom Office Building (CLO)
    • Plexiglas cases between doors on east side of building
    • Long corkboard strip between Classroom Office Building room 110 and room 112?
    • Lounge – one wall will be available for large displays (corkboard or fabric covering, so appearance is good without a display)
    • Two banners (in compliance with University graphic standards) can be hung (back to back) from the ceiling in the main Concourse in front of the Lounge, at the main doors and near the Grab ‘n Go. Two banners (back to back) can also be hung in the hallway between the Anderson Building and the Classroom Office Building.

Use of Campus Faculty/Staff E-mail and PUC Announce

It is up to the student organization faculty/staff advisor to determine if an organization’s event is appropriate for on-campus e-mail distribution.  Events sponsored by multiple student organizations need to select one advisor to send the e-mail if he/she deems it appropriate for distribution.

Last Update: 6/18/09

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