Emergency And House Telephone Locations

Using Campus Emergency Phones

  1. Press button.
  2. Telephone automatically dials the “2911” emergency number for the University Police.
  3. Once the Police Department answers, speak clearly INTO the box.

The Campus Emergency “Blue Light Phones” are located near building entrances or parking lots as follows:

Emergency Phones
Building Location of Phone
Anderson Elevator
Classroom/Office Bldg. North Elevator (Inside Call Box)
Classroom/Office Bldg. South Elevator (Inside Call Box)
Founders Plaza West
Founders Plaza Center Sidewalk
Founders Plaza East
Gyte Elevator
Gyte North Entrance
Gyte/Annex West Parking Lot – Between Annex & Gyte Doors
Gyte/Annex South Handicapped Chair Stair Lift (Inside Call Box)
Gyte/Annex North Handicapped Chair Stair Lift (Inside Call Box)
Lawshe North Elevator (Inside Call Box)
Lawshe South Elevator (Inside Call Box)
Lawshe South Parking Lot
Lawshe West Sidewalk South of Lawshe Building
Lawshe Crosswalk Between Lots Southeast of Lawshe
Fitness & Recreation Center Sidewalk Southwest of Building
Police Station Parking Lot Front of Police Station
Porter Outside North Entrance
Student Union & Library South Entrance
Student Union & Library Elevator (Inside Call Box)
Parking Garage All Levels
University Village (Housing) West and East Parking Lots
University Village (Housing) Sidewalk on the North Side of the Building


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Hammond Police/Fire Information from a Campus Telephone
Department Phone number
Hammond Police Department (Non Emergency 853-6489)
Hammond Fire Department (Non Emergency 853-6489)

To contact the campus police in non-emergencies and for “Distressed Motorist” call 2220

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House/Emergency Telephones

House telephones are located inside various buildings across the Purdue Calumet campus. The restricted telephones may also be used for intra-campus communication. These telephones maybe used in an emergency by dialing “2911” for assistance from the University Police.

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