Location:  myPUC portal
Web address for more information:
Office of the Registrar Phone:  (219) 989-2210

DegreeWorks is a degree audit review program in myPUC that allows students to track progress toward degree completion.  Students can see how the courses they have taken apply to their program of study and which classes are still remaining.  Students can use the tools in DegreeWorks to plan class schedules for future semesters, calculate their GPA, and find out how courses they have completed apply to other Purdue Calumet majors they might be considering. 

A degree audit lists requirements for a specific plan of study.  It displays the degree type – whether Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science – and general overall requirements including number of credit hours, minimum GPA, Experiential Learning, general education, along with the major requirements.

Students can use DegreeWorks anytime, but it will be especially useful when planning which courses to take in upcoming semesters and to see progress after grades are posted. Students should review their program requirements with their academic advisor to stay on track for graduation.

Find more information about DegreeWorks and where to access it within the myPUC portal,  or contact the Office of the Registrar.

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