Copyrights & Patents

The University shall own all domestic and foreign rights in and to any and all Inventions and Materials made or developed by University personnel either in the course of employment by the University, or through the use of facilities or funds provided by or through the University.

University Personnel includes:

  • Part-time and full-time members of the faculty
  • Staff
  • All other agents and employees and undergraduate and graduate students
  • Postdoctoral fellows of the University.

An exception is made in some circumstances for intellectual property that is created by students as part of their course credit (Course-Generated Intellectual Property). The University claims no ownership rights to Course-Generated Intellectual Property created by Purdue Purdue students, provided that:

  1. Student innovator(s) made use of resources that are (i) routinely made available by the College/Department administering the University course; and (ii) are provided to all students enrolled in the course in an equitable manner;
  2. The relevant student(s) are not paid by Purdue University, whether through internal funds or under a grant or contract with a third party; and
  3. There are no preexisting obligations for Purdue in connection with such Course-Generated Intellectual Property.

 Faculty are in the best position to help students understand ownership rights related to outside funding or other support within a specific course. Persons requiring further information regarding this University policy should contact the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services, Stephen Turner, Lawshe-336, (219) 989-2232.

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