Conflict Resolution Process

Process for addressing student issues, concerns, or problems

Purdue University Calumet seeks to help students with problems at the most appropriate level in the University.

Students should proceed through the appropriate department in which the student had the issue, concern or problem as outlined below by following the appropriate chain-of-command.

Classroom/Academic Issues

Students should discuss classroom issues with their instructor.  If unresolved, students should follow the academic-chain-of-command for that department.

Non-class Issue

Students should discuss University issues with the appropriate staff member or supervisor. If unresolved, students should follow the non-academic-chain-of-command for that department.


Students have the opportunity to submit complaints to the Office of  Dean of Students at.

The complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate department. Please contact the Office of Dean of Students for further assistance at (219) 989-4141

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