Center for Learning and Academic Success


Located in 122 LAWSHE, E-mail

(See Academic Advisement) CLAS oversees the advisement of students that are exploring majors, or completing prerequisites for acceptance into an academic department. Once accepted into an academic major, departmental advisors guide students through the curriculum for that major. Students are encouraged to develop direct advising relationships with their advisors. Ongoing interactions with academic advisors prior to registration periods and throughout the academic year are key to students’ success at Purdue University Calumet.

GNS 103

CLAS coordinates the GNS 103 courses, a mandatory freshman seminar for students admitted to PUC through CLAS.

GNS 290

Students on the Academic Recovery Program (ARP), and/or others (regardless of major) take this course to sharpen their academic skills.

 Student Academic Success (SAS)

Located in Gyte 102, E-mail

Formerly known as the Academic Resource Center (ARC), or otherwise known as the tutoring center the SAS is a division under the Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS). The SAS provides Supplemental Instruction, Open Lab Tutoring and Community Tutoring. It is also a major employer for academically successful students seeking on campus jobs as a tutor or SI leader.

  • SI is offered in a variety of undergraduate level courses, including math, biology, English, chemistry, economics, psychology, sociology, and electrical computer engineering. SI Sessions are free, and each course offers sessions twice a week. SI is an opportunity to ask questions, learn new study techniques, and test yourself before the Instructor tests you! SI leaders are students who have successfully completed the course with a B or better and have been recommended by the professors to provide assistance to those enrolled in the class
  • Two Forms of Free Tutoring available:
    • Open Lab – a free walk-in academic tutoring service
    • Community Tutoring – Tutors are not paid by the university. All communication, tutoring arrangements and payment for services rendered  made solely between the client and the tutor.

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