Resources on Campus

Peregrine Parents newsletter header News from the Nest Volume 1 Issue 2 January 2008. A student Affairs Publication

Resources on Campus

As the semester begins, please encourage your student to become familiar with the many resources on campus. These programs and services are here to help your student be successful. The offices are staffed by dedicated professionals who will welcome your students and happily provide them with useful information.

The Counseling Center

The staff of licensed counselors in the Counseling Center offer free, confidential counseling to students. They are often able to assist students in developing a plan of action to alleviate their fears or anxiety and reduce stress. Addressing issues of adjustment to college, relationship problems, stress, test anxiety, family problems and more allow the student to more fully focus on academic pursuits. Career Counseling is also available. Students may complete several short assessment inventories which help students make decisions about their career aspirations. In addition, the Career Choices program is an interactive group format that helps students explore values, skills, interests, and personality traits as they relate to possible career choices. The Counseling Center is located in the Gyte building, Room 5. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 219-989-2366. Walk-ins are welcome.

Student Support Services

The goal of Student Support Services is to help students achieve academic success and be prepared to lead productive, self-reliant lives. Specific objectives of the program include outreach to eligible students and assessment of a participant’s needs to create a highly individualized service plan for each student. Services include: a dedicated team of skilled professionals; student peer counselors; skill and interest assessments and evaluations; academic, career, and personal counseling; reading and writing assistance; extensive learning assistance in a variety of academic courses; and services for students with disabilities. Federal program guidelines require that all Student Support Services participants meet one or more of the following criteria: income qualification (as established by federal guidelines), first generation college student (meaning neither parent has a bachelor’s degree), or physically, emotionally or learning disabled. For more information contact Student Support Services in the Student Union & Library, Room 343 or call 219-989-2455.

Tutoring Center and Supplemental Instruction

If your student is concerned with his or her academic performance in class you may want to recommend a visit to the Tutoring Center, located in the Gyte building, Room 102, (219-989-3227). The Tutoring Center is staffed with more than 70 student tutors. The faculty recommended tutors have demonstrated proficiency in the courses they tutor and maintain an overall grade point average of “B” or higher. Free tutoring sessions in most University subjects are scheduled throughout the semester. The Tutoring Center offers a specialized tutorial service known as Supplemental Instruction (SI). SI is led by a faculty recommended student who has already completed and passed a particular subject with a grade of A or B. The student will attend the specific class and then facilitate collaborative learning sessions for students enrolled in that class. This instruction is free to students in the class.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring on all kinds of writing projects. It exists to help students develop their reading and writing skills, and is a place where writers can discuss writing and get feedback. Staffed by trained peer tutors, the Writing Center is available for those who seek assistance planning, writing, and revising their academic texts. Whether students are looking to brainstorm paper topics, organize content ideas, develop a draft, or fine tune their writing, the Writing Center has a helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff waiting to assist. The Writing Center is located in the Classroom Office Building, Room 265. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 219-989-2200.