Living on Campus

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Living on Campus

College students are faced with numerous questions as they pursue their education. One of the more basic but vitally important questions they need to address concerns their need for housing. The Department of Housing and Residential Education at Purdue University Calumet provides information regarding both on-campus housing options and off-campus housing information.

Students inquire about living on campus for various reasons. It is often seen as an attractive option as on-campus housing provides students with easy access to classrooms, faculty and staff, social networking opportunities with their Purdue Calumet peers, and connection to the University community.

The University Village is a 377-bed facility at Purdue Calumet that opened in the fall of 2005. The construction of the
complex has changed the dynamic of the campus since the doors opened. The University Village is composed of a vibrant, diverse community of full-time students who are pursuing a variety of academic degrees. The apartment suites provide a desirable option for those who wish to live on campus. For the past two years, The University Village has had a waiting list for students entering in the fall.

The staff in the Department of Housing and Residential Education strongly encourage students who are interested in the on-campus housing option to apply to The University Village as early in the year as possible for the upcoming fall semester.

To address the need for additional space, Purdue Calumet has just broken ground on Phase II of The University Village that will result in an additional 369 spaces available in the
fall of 2009.

While The University Village remains the most convenient housing option available, space is limited. The Department of Housing and Residential Education provides information regarding off-campus housing opportunities. We advise students to assess possible living options and leases very carefully. Students should consider the following prior to signing a lease:

  • Students should conduct a thorough walk through of the prospective apartment making note of previous damage with the landlord.

  • Students should request in writing that any repairs to the apartment be completed prior to moving into the space.

  • Students should also make note of all emergency equipment in the apartment and ensure that is in proper working condition prior to moving into the space.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to review the lease very carefully.

  • Students are also encouraged to forecast the costs associated with the apartment utilities.

After the lease is signed, students should keep all records and communication with their landlords in a safe, organized place. To find out more about off-campus housing opportunities, Purdue Calumet students are encouraged to visit the Department of Housing and Residential Education website at to download or print apartment listings as well as helpful hints for first-time renters.

Purdue Calumet students are welcome to call the Department of Housing and Residential Education for assistance in obtaining on-campus or off-campus housing information at 219-989-4150.