Help Us Help Your Student Be Successful

Peregrine Parents News from the Nest masthead volume 1, issue 2, January 2008, a student affairs publication

Help Us Help Your Student…


Your student has just completed fall semester at Purdue University Calumet. Our research shows that students who continue their education tend to reach their goal of graduation sooner than those who stop out.

Your student will be more likely to experience a “smooth flight” if she or he follows this advice:

  • Attends class regularly
  • Understands the syllabus
  • Completes assignments on time
  • Maintains a calendar that includes dates of quizzes, tests and assignment due dates.
  • Schedules study time.
  • Takes advantage of supplemental instruction, if available.
  • Limits work to not more than 25 hours per week if taking a full course load of 12 credit hours or more (our research indicates that students who take 12 hours and work 25 hours per week or less move more quickly toward graduation than those who work more hours)
  • In addition to encouraging your student to register for classes each semester, classes are also offered during Maymester and Summer Semester.

Maymester is a semester that starts immediately following Spring Semester. It is an intensive four-week program held during May. Your student can earn three credit hours for one class in just four weeks. It requires a good deal of self-discipline as material is covered quickly but it can be a good way to earn credits in a shorter period of time.

Summer Semester is also a short semester – just eight weeks but it enables students to continue their education year-round.

There are several things you can do to familiarize yourself with campus. Consider the following:

  • Take a campus tour conducted by a well trained upperclass tour guide. They are eager to share their experiences with you and happy to answer your questions.

  • If you visit campus, stop by the Student Union & Library building and pick up some recent publications such as the student newspaper, a campus map, or a copy of the Survival Guide made available to students each semester.

  • Participate in the orientation program for new students and their families planned and organized by staff and students in the Office of Campus Life.

  • Increase your familiarity with campus by visiting the website at

You have equipped your children with the skills needed to survive and thrive on this journey through college. It is now time for him or her to take flight.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”Let them soar!

Kahlil Gibran,The Prophet