Help Us Help Your Student Be Successful

Peregrine Parents newsletter header News from the Nest Volume 1 Issue 2 May 2008. A student Affairs Publication

Help Us Help Your Student…

As a parent or guardian of a Purdue University Calumet college student, your college student returning home for summer vacation can be an exciting time. It can also create some stressful moments. The following tips and suggestions are intended to provide helpful hints as that may decrease the tension experienced by parents and their families when a college student returns home for the summer. Help Us Help Your Student Be Successful.

TIP 1 – Time for a Transition

Remember that when your college student returns home for the summer both you and your student will experience a transition. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, excitement, and longing are all normal. Remember to keep your expectations realistic.

TIP 2 – Establish Common Courtesy Rules

Establish some boundaries with your college student, including some common courtesy rules. It is important for you to discuss with your student what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior while he/she is living at home over the summer. It may also be helpful to discuss the rules and concerns you have with your college student along with the reasons and values behind your rules. It is important to respect your student’s independence, but do not allow him/her to take advantage of you as a parent/guardian.

TIP 3 – Arrange Time Together Early

Spend some quality time with your college student when he/she returns home for the summer, but arrange time early. If you have decided to go on a vacation or a trip during the summer, plan early to increase the likelihood of better coordination with your schedule and that of your college student. Remember, time is a precious commodity, so if you wish to have a family outing, start planning now.

TIP 4 – Everyone in the Household is Affected

It is important to remember that when your college student returns home for the summer, you as well as younger siblings will be impacted by his/her return. Some younger siblings who have grown accustom to being the oldest in the household and likely the center of attention may experience mixed emotions upon an older sibling’s return home from college.

TIP 5 – Keep Lines of Communication Open

The key to a successful summer with your college students is open communication! Talk to your college student like an adult. Share your expectations openly and honestly to ensure that they are understood. This will decrease your student’s likelihood of misinterpretation or inaccurate assumptions.