Facebook and Myspace – What You Should Know

Peregrine Parents newsletter header News from the Nest Volume 1 Issue 2 January 2008. A student Affairs Publication

Facebook and Myspace…

You might be familiar with MySpace, but Facebook might be new to you. Both are Social Networking Sites on the Internet that college student use with more and more regularity. When talking to your student about using Facebook or MySpace consider the following:

  • Safety and Identity Theft

  • Marketing Him or Herself to Future Employers

  • Possible Violations of the Student Code of Conduct

People often put a lot of personal information on their Facebook or MySpace page thinking that it is only accessible to a small group of people. They do not realize that many can and do gain access to their information without their knowledge or permission. The more information given on-line, the greater the likelihood that the person will experience a negative consequence including identity theft.

Advise your student to limit personal information such as phone numbers, address, birth dates, class schedule, etc. Encourage your student to use the privacy settings to limit the amount of information which can be viewed by strangers.

Many Human Resource offices are regularly searching Facebook and MySpace to gather information on candidates for internships and permanent positions. They are determining if a candidate would be a good representative of the company’s mission and values, even before meeting the candidate. Warn your student not to post inappropriate messages or photographs that might be viewed by potential employers and hurt his/her chance of employment.

Students should know that Purdue University Calumet does not monitor students’ Facebook or MySpace pages. However, if alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct that are committed on Facebook or MySpace are brought to the attention of University officials, they have a duty to investigate and possibly take students through the judicial process.