Dear Parents: Letter from Sarah Howard

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Dear Parents,

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Development and Outreach

Welcome to Purdue University Calumet! Starting college can be daunting to both parents and students. Parents want to insure that their students have all the tools needed to make steady progress toward graduation. There are many things parents can do to help their students be successful. Learning to manage one’s time is critical.

Encourage your student to work less than 25 hours a week if attending school full time (twelve or more credit hours). This allows him or her time to study, conduct research, write papers, and, if necessary, take advantage of tutoring and other support services.

Encourage your student to seek employment on campus. This will decrease the length of his or her commute to and from work. More important than decreasing commute time is the opportunity your student will have to make valuable connections on campus. He or she will be better able to take advantage of the campus resource network.

Encourage your student to have scheduled time slots for reading, writing, studying, conducting research, and socializing. Studies show that students spend a great deal of their time socializing with friends – talking on the phone, emailing, texting, twittering, or just hanging out. By encouraging your student to make and maintain a schedule, he or she will be better able to manage time.

Adjusting to college life can be difficult and stressful for many students. Check in often with your student. Ask how things are going so you can detect any changes in personality or behavior. Provide your student with opportunities to share his or her challenges and successes without being intrusive.

Encourage your students to familiarize themselves with the resources on campus by visiting the Student Affairs website at We are here to help – you and your student are not beginning this journey alone.

Best Wishes,

Sarah Howard
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Life and Dean of Students