Dear Parents: Letter from Sarah Howard

News from the nest masthead - Peregrine Parents, volume 1, issue 2, May 2008

Dear Parents,

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Development and Outreach

A full year of classes has ended and there is much to be proud of: you got your student through the first year of college! Congratulations! Now that you have jumped over this first year hurdle, there are other milestones to tackle in order for your student to graduate in a timely fashion.

The sooner students graduate, the sooner they can enjoy the benefits of being a college graduate – higher wages, a better quality of life, and membership in professional organizations/associations which can help advance careers. In order to accumulate enough credit hours to graduate within a six year period (or thereabouts), students should take a full-course load each semester (twelve credit hours or more). Students should also take courses during the abbreviated Maymester and Summer Semester. We discussed this in the first issue of Peregrine Parents: News from the Nest.

It is important for students to achieve a good cumulative grade point average (GPA). Your student should strive to earn a GPA of 3.0 – 4.0 (B – A). There are many college graduates competing for jobs each year. A good GPA will not ensure your student a job in his/her chosen profession, but it will help your student be competitive.

In order to steadily move toward graduation, students should work closely with their academic advisors to ensure they accumulate the “right” credit hours, which are those assigned to the courses on the student’s Plan of Study (or in their major). It is for this reason that students should select a major as soon as possible – so they can accumulate credit hours from required courses in their major to move steadily toward the graduation finish line.

We are here to help students be successful and graduate. We are confident that News from the Nest will assist you in helping your student.

Best Wishes,

Sarah Howard

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Campus Life and Dean of Students