Dear Parents: Letter from Mindy Dalgarn

Newsletter header News from the Nest Peregrine Parents, volume 1, issue 2, January 2008, A student Affairs Publication

Dear Parents,

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Development and Outreach

Several years ago I began writing a series of articles aimed at helping parents better understand what I have come to call “the rhythm of college life.” Entitled See Them Soar, the series includes “Lift Off,” “Airborne,” “Unexpected Turbulence,” and finally “Smooth Flight.” The image those titles convey seems particularly appropriate in this inaugural issue of Peregrine Parents: News from the Nest. Our mascot is the peregrine, a small hawk native to Northwest Indiana.

During my nearly thirty years in higher education, I have found that there is a rather predictable rhythm that develops for most students. They arrive on campus enthused, excited, and nervous. They’re excited to be participating in the college experience but nervous about their ability to balance life in the classroom with obligations that often times includes work and family. Establishing a comfortable balance can be challenging.

Support and understanding from parents and family members are essential. Traditional family activities such as Sunday evening dinners or birthday celebrations may sometimes be disrupted due to academic obligations. Work schedules may have to be adjusted so students can adequately prepare for midterms and finals. Meal times may be altered due to group assignments. It’s not easy for students or family members. Communication, cooperation and compromise are key elements that often separate those who are successful from those who are not.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season behind us, your support and understanding are essential as a new semester gets underway.

We strive to provide students with the resources they need to be successful. Working with you, we’re confident students will have a positive and productive experience at Purdue University Calumet as they take flight and soar!

Best Wishes,

Mindy Dalgarn, Ed.D.

Vice Chancellor

Student Affairs