Dear Parents: Letter from Dr. Bob Bunell

Peregrine Parents newsletter header News from the Nest Volume 2 Issue 1 February 2009. A student Affairs Publication

Dear Parents,

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Health, Recreation and Sports

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on within the programs of Health, Recreation and Sports as students get settled into their routines for the second semester:

Student Health Services Center and Counseling Center are providing their usual excellent care for students in physical and/or emotional distress.

Intramural programs are underway, with a wide variety of activities available for the campus community to enjoy.

The Wellness Program is planning spring activities, including a February 2 and 3 visit by Don McPherson, former NFL quarterback, who will be on campus to talk with students, faculty and staff on the issue of sexual violence prevention .

Fitness Center staff are helping students plan their New Year’s exercise programs, providing expertise and encouragement.

The Peregrine basketball teams are in the middle of their CCAC seasons, with tournament time in late February.

Two significant athletic program developments have taken place as well:

We have recently launched the Peregrine Club (or “P” Club), a support organization for Purdue Calumet Athletics. The first major event will be this year’s Homecoming (February 14), when the first members of the Athletic Hall of Fame will be inducted. All are invited to join the Peregrine Club, and information about the club and membership is available on the Purdue Calumet website at

The Senior Leadership Team has approved a 10-year plan for major expansion of the athletic program, including addition of ten new sports over that time. Much more information, including the sports to be added and the timing of those additions, will be forthcoming in the next several months.

Go Peregrines! Fear the Bird!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Bob Bunnell

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Health, Recreation and Sports