Women’s Studies

 Women’s Studies
Location: Classroom Office-152
Phone: (219) 989-2208

Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that places gender at the center of inquiry for the purpose of freeing the world from sexism, racism, homophobia, heterosexism, class bias, discrimination based on age and physical ability, and other forms of oppression.

A degree in Women’s Studies prepares students for jobs in activist organizations and service agencies that work for change benefiting women. It also readies students for graduate school, where most programs expect applicants to be familiar with current scholarship on sex and gender, and for employment in traditional professions, where knowledge about gender is a definite advantage.  

Program Mission:

The Purdue Calumet Women’s Studies Program offers courses that can be taken individually or combined into the Women’s Studies minor. The mission of the Women’s Studies Program is to offer an academic curriculum informed by feminist theories that provides students a threefold opportunity to

  1. examine the role of gender in social institutions, in the formation of identity, and the development of knowledge,
  2. explore physical and mental health and wellness issues of particular importance to women, and
  3. increase awareness of women’s endeavors and contributions throughout time.

Hence, Women’s Studies offers freestanding, interdisciplinary courses such as WOST 12100, Introduction to Women’s Studies, and courses cross-listed with other academic areas.

You may direct any questions to Dr. Rebecca Stankowski, Director of Women’s Studies at (219) 989-2208. Faculty who teach Women’s Studies courses can also provide information about the program.

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