Scholastic Drop

For the most current information, please view the Academic Regulations on our Academic Catalog located on the Purdue University Catalog webpage.

 A student on scholastic probation shall be academically dropped from the University if, at the close of any regular semester, the graduation index is less than that required of a student as shown in Table B or if he/she receives failing (F) grades in six credit hours or more for the semester.

Drop Rules

This rule shall not apply for the semester in which the student completes all requirements for a degree. A student dropped by this rule and later duly readmitted as a regular student shall be readmitted on probation. In order to be readmitted a student must contact The Office of the Dean of Students.

Courses with grades of Incomplete (I, PI) are not included in the semester index computations for honors and deficiencies. Completion grades for courses with prior incompletes are included in the graduation index and will affect honors and scholastic deficiency

Table B: Index Levels For Dropping
Classification Graduation Index
0 and 1* 1.3
2 1.4
3 1.5
4 1.6
5 1.7
6 1.8
7 1.9
8 and up


*Affects only students entering on probation

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