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 Students are expected to attend every meeting of the classes in which they are enrolled. At the beginning of a semester, all instructors should make a statement to each of their classes regarding the handling of unavoidable absences.

All matters relative to such absences, including making up of work missed, shall be arranged by the student and instructor involved. A student who is absent may be denied credit for work missed. The instructor will be responsible for counseling with the student whose absences endanger the student’s academic performance.

When Attendance Becomes a Problem

 A problem related to excessive absences may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students by either the instructor or the student if further information is needed or if either feels that further discussion would resolve the problem.

A student’s absence from all meetings of any regularly scheduled class as defined by an instructor’s absence policy may be reported to the Dean of Students or his/her designee for appropriate action. If excessive absences occur, the student may be dropped from the course by the Office of the Registrar.

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