Community Service

About Community Service

Community Service can provide students with unpaid work experience in a chosen field. Not only is community service an excellent way to gain experience but it looks great on a resume. It shows that you are willing to do what it takes, even working for free, to gain the experience needed to further yourself professionally. For more information send email to

Community Service Requirements

  • Community Service has no formal requirements. However, it is an excellent way to learn about a career field as well as give back to the community.
  • Some community service work is done to fulfill organizational requirements. For more information about receiving recognition for your Community Service, please contact Student Activities.

Find Community Service Opportunities now

Based off of the information that we have gathered, the Lake Area United Way organization has the most current up-to-date listings of community service opportunities in the Northwest Indiana region. We recommend all student organizations to contact Lake Area United Way for additional information regarding community service. Click Here for the Lake Area United Way.

Additional Community Service Opportunities

If would like additional listings of community service organizations in the area, click here for a list