Student Organization FAQ

50 Questions Frequently Asked of The Office for Student Activities

| Starting/Managing a Student Organization | General Student Questions |

| Promoting a Student Organization/Event | Fundraisers |

| Event Scheduling & Location Reservations | Event Entertainment/Media |

| Handling Cash | Security | Contracts | Food/CateringCharity Events |

| Purdue Policies | Forms |


Event Scheduling & Location Reservations General Student Questions  
  • Can we reserve a room at the  University Village?
  • How do we reserve the Y Jean Chambers Hall?
  • Can we use the gym for events?
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    Promoting a Student Organization/Event Fundraisers  
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    Handling Cash  
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    Starting/Managing a Student Organization Purdue Policies  
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    Charity Events  
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    Forms Event Entertainment/Media  
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    1. How do I reserve a table?
      Call Karen Sullivan (219/989-2133) or Laura Pardonek (219/989-2931) and then complete an event form.
    2. Where do I pick up a cash box?
      With Rhonda Penman at the Business Manager’s Office, Schneider Avenue Building Room 036. Please allow at least 3 business days for processing.
    3. Who can send ‘Purdue Announce’ emails?
      No emails can be sent to all students until the event has been approved by Student Activities. Once the event is approved, your organization advisor or a staff member designated in your department may send emails to all students.
    4.   Also please contact Operations to set up this option at 219-989-2888 option 2.
    5. When do we need to submit a new signature authorization form? Data Sheet?
      The above forms need to be completed at the beginning of each Fall semester and/or whenever there are changes in your officers or roster. 

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    6. How do we reserve a room?
      Call facilities Karen or Laura (see question 1), to schedule the room, then complete the event form.
    7. Do we do the schedule event form first or reserve the room first?
      First, make sure the room is available with Karen or Laura (see question 5). Once a room is placed on reserve for you, then, complete the Student Activities event form.
    8. We want to help a charity, what do we need to do?
      Submit an event form, then send a proposal outlining the who, what, when, where and why of your request to:
    9. Where can flyers be posted?
      Please refer to the Posting Policy on our website under Publications and Guidelines.
    10. Where do we find the forms we need?
      On the Student Activities website, mouse over the “Student Groups” tab, and click “Forms”. 

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    11. Can our Student Organization use the display cases?
      Yes. Please e-mail your request or call the Office of Student Activities to reserve a display case. Two display cases are available to student organizations 1) Student Union Library Concourse west wall by elevator and 2) large display case on the third floor of the Student Union Library outside Alumni Hall.
    12. Can our Student Organization have a bake sale?
      No items cooked and/or baked at home are allowed. Baked goods must be purchased and individually packaged.
    13. Should we request security for our event?
      Yes, if you are collecting money at the door. You can request security on your event form. Please also read our Security Policy.
    14. How does my organization get an office?
      The application deadline for Student Organization Office Space is the second Friday of the Fall semester by 4PM.
    15. How do I get reimbursed for conference expenses, supplies, etc.?
      For an approved event that had a completed/submitted Scheduling & Event Form, you may get a reimbursement for any funds you personally provided. You must keep all original receipts and take them to the BMO Office, then ask for a check request form. Request must be made by a person listed on your Signature Authorization Form.

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    16. What are Leadership Funds?
      Leadership Funds are funds made available to assist student leaders in funding leadership development activities (conferences, workshops, and etc.)
    17. How do I apply for Leadership Funds?
      The process to request Leadership Funds has been updated. For more information click here.
    18. How much in Leadership Funds are students eligible to receive?
      Students are eligible to receive up to $500, to be determined by the Student Government Association.
    19. How do I start a student organization?
      Download the Student Organization Start-up Kit.
    20. How do I start a Student Organization website?
      Click here, to download a student organization website application form.

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    21. Who can be an advisor of a student organization?
      Any full-time/permanent Purdue University Calumet administrative staff or full-time/permanent faculty member can be invited by the student organization to be the advisor of the organization.
    22. How do I know if my event is approved?
      Check the calendar of events, if 5 business days have passed and it is still not showing on the calendar of events, please call Student Activities.
    23. When do we have to use Chartwells for catering?
      Chartwells must be used in Room With a View, Alumni Hall, SUL-321, and Founders’ Study.
    24. What do I need for a new Student ID?
      To receive a new Student ID, you must have a photo ID and a current semester schedule.
    25. I had an ID and lost it, what do I need?
      If you lost your Student ID, you must go to Student Accounts in LAWS-130, pay $15.00, and bring the receipt, photo ID, and a current semester schedule to SUL-104B. Please see our website for our office hours.

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    26. Who do I contact for financial questions (i.e., Account Balance)?
      Contact the BMO office, 219/989-2610.
    27. How do I order AV (speakers, microphones, etc.)?
      Indicate specific equipment you will need on your event form.
    28. Does PUC have an alcohol policy? What is it?
      Yes, we do. Please see our website for the policy.
    29. Do I sign a contract for our event DJ?
      No, student organizations should never sign contracts. All contracts should be signed by the Business Office at Purdue Calumet.
    30. Who approves flyers for posting? Where can I make copies of flyers? Who will post flyers?
      Student Activities will approve and post fliers for your organization. We will also make up to 40 copies for you.

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    31. Can our student organization have a cookout for a fundraiser?
      Yes. Please see food handling.
    32. Can we use the Purdue logo on a flyer or t-shirt?
      Yes, however, it must be approved through Student Activities before use.
    33. Where does our student organization receive its mail?
      Mail is placed outside SUL-324C.
    34. Why must I use my PUC e-mail for student related activities?
      The email does not change while you are a student at Purdue University Calumet, for this reason we request your PUC e-mail so that we can contact you.
    35. Is hazing allowed at PUC?

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      Can we show a movie in Calumet Falls?
      Yes, only if you have a copyright license to do so, please contact Student Activities for more details. For more information regarding Copyright Infringement, Please Click Here Can we show current films at an event?
      Yes, if your organization has enough funding for newer titles. Please see above.

    36. Where can a protest be held? What are the guidelines?
      Please see the Facilities Use and Posting Policy.
    37. How do we reserve the YJean Chambers Hall?
      You must contact the Communications Department.
    38. Is there a popcorn machine student organizations can use?

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    39. Where can I obtain banner paper?
      The Office of Student Activities can supply banner paper.
    40. How do I learn the overall policies and procedures at PUC?
      Look on the Events Calendar for a Student Organization Workshop, click here to sign up, or call Student Activities to schedule a meeting.
    41. Can a student organization have a raffle?
      No, but student organizations may have “Games of Skill” such as calculate or determine how many jelly beans are in a jar, etc. For more information please contact the Office of Student Activities at 219-989-2369 or email at
    42. How do I find out if a specific student organization exists already?
      Click the Student Groups tab on the Office of Student Activities website.
    43. Can we reserve a room at the University Village?
      Yes, please complete the University Village Room Reservation form.

    44. Can we use the gym for events?
      Contact Janet Hero at or 219/989-2120.

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    45. Where do I find answers for our organizations financial policy?
      View the Student Organization Financial Manual
    46. How do I make a request for community service collection?
      First, reserve a room/area for collection with Facilities and complete a scheduling event form with Student Activities. Please also provide a simple proposal describing the details of the charity event to Student Activities.
    47. Can our student organization have a car wash?
      Yes, however, you must provide some form of statement provided from the location granting the car wash on their property.
    48. Can food be delivered to the University for our event?
    49. What are the steps to take if I need to hold an event for a class project?
      In order to hold an event on campus, for a class project, you will have to follow similar steps student organizations do. Please click on the link where you can download the Class Project Procedures Guideline that will help you schedule your class event.

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