Student ID Cards

Student IDs can be obtained at the Office of Student Activities in the Student Union Library Building, Room 104B.

Here are some of the ways you would use your student ID:

  • To register for the Fitness Center and Intramural Sports
  • Student Housing
  • Chartwells Meal Plans
  • Bookstore
  • Entrance to events
  • Library
  • Safety reasons
  • KRONOS sytem (for students employed on campus)
  • Student Discounts


What do you need to obtain a Student ID?
To get your student ID, you must have a printout of your class schedule for the current semester and valid photo identification (i.e. a driver’s license, passport, etc.).  New international students must also show an International Programs Office certificate verifying completion of  the orientation process for international students.

If a student ID is lost, stolen, damaged or demagnetized, a student may obtain a replacement ID. Replacement cards cost $15 and must be paid at Student Accounts located in the Enrollment Services Center, Lawshe Hall, room 130. A new student ID will be issued with proof of receipt, current class schedule and valid photo identification.


Helpful tips on keeping your Purdue University Calumet student ID card from getting demagnetized:

  • Keep your ID card away from all types of magnets. Magnets will damage the strip of the ID card, causing it not to work
  • Do not leave your ID card near motors, speakers, or other electronics. Prolonged exposure to these devices may damage your card, causing it not to work
  • Some cell phones can demagnetize ID strips, so please do not keep your ID card in the same pocket as your phone
  • Ladies’ magnetic clasps on purses & wallets can potentially demagnetize ID cards as well

For additional information contact Student Activities at (219) 989-2369.