Proposal Basics

WHAT is a proposal?

A proposal is a document used to apply for sponsored program funds. Most agencies have detailed requirements for funding submissions and are often included with the Program Announcement. Although there is no such thing as a generic proposal, a number of major components are found throughout most proposals. Additional information regarding proposals and the major elements are provided on the Purdue University Sponsored Program Services website.

WHO can submit a proposal?

All faculty (tenured, tenure-track, research and clinical) are eligible to be Principal Investigators. Others requesting to submit proposals as the principal investigator for the first time must obtain special approval.

Authorization for non-faculty PI status

WHEN do I notify Pre-Award of my intent to submit a proposal?

You should notify ORGS of all planned proposal as soon as possible by emailing or contacting Kristin Sarver or Maria Tapia. Send a link to the sponsor guidelines and the due date. This early notification will provide time to read the guidelines and assist with the development of a comprehensive budget. It will also provide time for the internal approval process.

Late Proposals: A late proposal is one that does not adhere to our policies. ORGS makes every effort to submit late proposals, but cannot guarantee that such proposals will be adequately reviewed, or submitted by the sponsor deadline. If ORGS determines that a proposal does not meet the minimum University and sponsor guidelines, the proposal will be returned without submission. 

Purdue University Calumet Proposal Development Process

WHERE do I submit proposals? Discuss approval process and discuss approval routing

Approval and Submission Approval Process

The ORGS staff will review the final proposal and all the completed components. Proposals should be received in our office at least 5 days in advance of the deadline. The internal submission deadline policy is intended to provide sufficient time for ORGS review and approval, and to ensure that proposals can be submitted in time to meet sponsor deadlines. 

Hardcopy submissions:

If your proposal requires a hard copy submission, we will require that proposals be completed 5 days prior to the deadline to ensure that it is received before the deadline.

University policy requires that proposals to external sponsors must go through internal review and approval prior to submission. This process is in place to assure that, if funded, the project can be carried out as proposed and that commitments for space, personnel, or matching funds will be met. All proposals submitted must be reviewed and approved by the PI’s Department Head and the Dean of the appropriate College via Coeus Lite.

Our Internal Routing and review process is as follows:

  • Principal Investigator and each Co-investigator
  • Department Head
  • Dean
  • Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Business Office/Comptroller
  • ORGS
  • West Lafayette Specialist for proposal review and signature by Purdue authorizing official

WHY submit a proposal?

Grant funding supports your research! It offers valuable resources such as time release, student support, equipment, supplies, travel funding, and more in exchange for your ideas in addressing or solving a specific problem. A good idea is only as good as the proposal that sends it to the sponsor. Purdue Calumet offers many valuable tools to assist in developing quality, winning proposals (view our research development page). The Office of the Vice President for Research in West Lafayette also offers proposal preparation resources and research development.