Proposal Process

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This page contains information that will help you better understand the proposal preparation, review and submission process at Purdue University Calumet.  Should you have any questions, please contact our office at

Step 1: Generate your idea

  • Define your general area of interest
  • The Sponsored Programs Office offers several Interest Areas to support collaboration.

Step 2: Find funding

  • Faculty member searches funding opportunities
  • Faculty determines proposal requirements and notifies pre-award team of intent to submit proposal

Step 3: Develop your proposal

  • Faculty writes technical proposal
  • Faculty determines resource
  • Faculty secures Department/ Dean commitment
  • Faculty completes all sponsor required forms
  • ORGS prepares budgets, application, and cost share forms with faculty input
  • ORGS “Packages the Proposal” and obtains signatures

Step 4: Submit your proposal

  • ORGS sends proposal to SPS in PUWL for review
  • West Lafayette SPS reviews proposal and obtains institutional authorization
  • West Lefayette SPS submitts proposal to sponsor

Step 5: Achieve your objectives