Proposal Checklist

NOTE:  Proposal requirements vary by Sponsor.  Please contact Sponsored Programs as early in the preparation process as possible to assist with Sponsor specific submission requirements.

__  Discuss proposal opportunity with your Dean and Department Head.

__  E-mail proposal office as soon as possible ( and state the agency, principal investigator, and deadline date.

__  Obtain a copy of the proposal guidelines issued by the sponsor.  Review for format and special program requirements.

__  Prepare proposal abstract, summary and narrative.  Pay close attention to requirements specified in RFP or RFQ. 

__  Estimate proposal budget by referring to our budget spreadsheet.  Proposal budget should include the following:

  • Project personnel and required effort on project
  • Equipment costs
  • Supply costs
  • Travel costs
  • Renovation/Remodeling Costs (contact Facilities for cost estimate)
  • Other costs (publication; tuition for grad students, etc.)
  • Institute cost-share requirements 

__  Identify faculty release time requirements.

__  Prepare budget justification.

__  Obtain necessary cost-sharing approval (when applicable).  Fully signed Form 32’s must be included with the proposal.  Written verification of any cost sharing provided by outside sources must be provided.

__  If subcontracts are involved, ensure that subcontract data includes a work statement, a budget and an approval of the individual at the subcontractors who is authorized to commit the institution.

__  Ensure that space is available for project.  Any additional space commitments must be documented and approvals contained in the proposal. 

__  Obtain appropriate clearances from Institutional Research Board Office if project involves use of human subjects.

__  Complete sponsor required forms, including application, budget forms, budget narrative, biographical sketch, curriculum vitae, and facilities. 

__  Collect biographical sketches for each project key personnel.

__  Collect other supporting documentation needed (letters of support, IDC agreement, etc.).

__  Discuss proposal status with your Dean and Department Head prior to approval routing, initiated by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

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